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We are the information center on Tactical pens: what they are, how they are used, what their origin is, how they are distinguishable from similar strike weapons, self defense tools and more.

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What is a Tactical Pen (also called a Strike Pen)?

At the most basic, these are a variation of the Kubotan, a martial arts weapon comprised of a short stick, up to 6 inches long, which was introduced to female police officers of the Los Angeles police force in the mid 1960’s.

Construction Materials

Composed of aluminium, steel or titanium, these look and function as normal pens for writing, and as such, are easily concealable. Because they can be carried in a pocket or bag, they are also easily and quickly accessible if needed. Essentially, these are metal re-inforced pens used for self defense through direct, precise strokes. Aircraft grade aluminium is a popular option for the design tactical pens. It allows for a light, but powerful shaft. Other utilities may additionally be integrated to produce a multifunctional tool: a glass breaker, dna sample collector and LED Flashlight, for example. The shaft of a tactical pen is designed for maximum grip and is thus often grooved or furrowed.

Are Tactical Pens Practical?

This is a major question. Strike Pens can be very effective, but they must be used by a person properly trained to wield them. This is particularly so for many female users or people of smaller build. We do have a number of demonstrative videos onsite and we offer resources for training and study. The formal techniques for using these weapons are designed to target specific areas of the body in close contact, with quick, efficient strokes that deliver maximum impact in order to disable an attacker immediately.

Note: for Women, please take note of our relevant page: Tactical Pen Use for Women!

Are Tactical Pen’s Legal?

Tactical pens do not carry an official classification as weapons nationwide, but this may vary within certain local jurisdictions. However, you may be restricted from keeping them on you in certain instances, such as boarding an airplane.

How Expensive are they?

Depending on the design, manufacturer and range of functionality of the device, these range on average from about $10 up to $100. The low cost, for a self defense tool, makes these a very practical option for self defense and deterrence.

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Introduction: How to Use a Tactical Pen



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