A titanium tactical pen is generally higher priced than an aluminum or steel alternative, but that price point comes with the confidence of a durable, reliable product which can withstand the stresses of use.

A preferred option for Everyday Carry (EDC) pens, titanium is a silver colored, highly durable, high strength, lightweight metal. It is often alloyed with other metals including iron, aluminum, and molybdenum. It has the strength of steel, but is much lighter. It is resistant to corrosion and is aesthetically pleasing because of its silvery color.

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Below is a selection of four of the most highly rated titanium tactical pens on the market. The evaluation considers a particular model’s value not just as a self defense weapon, but also as a writing tool:

Valtcan Impel Titanium Bolt Pen EDC Military Gear

  • An all Titanium Bolt Action Pen from Valtcan
  • This pen is lightweight and durable. It is designed for everyday carry (EDC)
  • Comes with a tungsten tip for tactical entry, escape from car when rolled over or in emergency situations
  • Matte titanium finish with polished strong clip for shirt pocket, bags, purses, notebooks, clipboards and more
  • Takes Schmidt P900 Parker style, rite in rain, Fisher Space pen refills, Parker gel and quink ink, and Valtcan 2V refills
  • It comes with a gift box and a black ball point refill inside the pen already
  • No additional Refills in box
  • Dimensions: Length is 5.5 inches and thickness is 0.46 inches. Weight: 44 grams with refill inside

BOKER PLUS Titanium Tactical Pen

  • CNC (computer numerical control) milled titanium body
  • Clip integrated design
  • Flat pen head provides a secure thumb rest
  • Clip Integrated Design

Ingenious design by Rainer Eenning and knifemaker Thomas Braunagel. The bolt action mechanism and click open and close will make it difficult to put this piece down. The flat pen head provides a secure thumb rest, making it an effective self defense tool as well. The clip integrated design (CID) offers the advantage of easy placement in the pocket. The sturdy clip has minimal give to provide a comfortable draw resistance in normal Tactical or Denim pants pockets. The body of this innovative Tactical pen is CNC milled titanium. Compatible with Lamy M22 refills, not included with the pen.

MecArmy TPX33 Titanium Tactical Pen

  • Corrosion and scratch resistant finish
  • Anti-roll concave-convex shell, with a comfortable grip
  • Fisher Space Refill included
  • Allows writing at any angle (even in zero gravity) or underwater
  • Tungsten steel head glass breaker
  • Pocket clip included
  • Elegant appearance, designed for everyday use

Titaner Titanium Bolt Tactical Pen

  • Small but powerful. Made from solid GR5 titanium by high precision CNC machining
  • Good for one hand operation
  • Designed for Fisher Space pen refill
  • Constructed to work with in any environment
  • Lightweight and durable designed for Everyday Carry

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In particular, we suggest a Tactical Pen with Light as well as one with a glass breaker. Remember that your pen is for use in emergency situations beyond just foiling an attack by an assailant. The strikepen can be used to get you out of trapped situations such as an overturned vehicle in a secluded, dark area.

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