Apegear is promoting its popular Strike Pen Black with a free offer while supplies last, as part of the National Survival Awareness Campaign. The goal is to educate and inform American families and provide them with the tactics to survive natural disasters and terrorist attacks as well as to improve self-defense and wilderness skills.

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Free Strike Pen: Product Details

The free offer of this Strike Pen is rather remarkable, given that this is a high quality product which would normally retail at a premium price. You simply pay a low handling & shipping price well under $10 and the Strike Pen is yours.

We note below a number of the features of this product:

Strike Pen Black


This Apegear tactical pen is made of aircraft grade aluminium. So it is light in weight and easily carried in pocket, in bag, on your belt or on a chain.

The Strike pen’s shaft is a precision milled alloy. It comes only in black color.

This pen is designed to take the force of hammerfist strikes and impact against hard objects whether that is bone or wood or glass. The pen will not be damaged, bent or broken by repeated impact. It is meant as a permanent defense utility for as long as you own it.


Glass and Window Breaker
The Strikepen Black has a tungsten steel striker which will shatter glass on impact. This is particularly useful in emergency situations where an escape route is needed through windows, glass doors or from a vehicle. So it is more than just a defensive weapon. This strike pen is a full fledged survival tool.

A standard survival necessity, the back of the pen is in LED flashlight with included batteries.

Strike Pen with Light


Yes, the pen serves as a standard writing instrument. It is a ballpoint pen and comes with replacement ink as well. It comes in a classy case in line with the high quality of this product.


Added Utilities
Your order comes with two bonus items: a stainless steel multi-tool which includes a bottle opener, blade, a flathead screwdriver as well as a blade. It also comes with a knife.


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