In evaluating the effectiveness and practicality of tactical pens self defense enthusiasts and experts agree that these weapons can be highly effective if used by a well trained wielder. But that is the key: “..well trained”.

Tactical pens are unique in that they are designed to be used in very particular ways. Specific ranges of motion as well as specific targets are necessary for effective utilization. This does mean that one must spend the time to train to become not only knowledgeable of, but also comfortable with the quick, focused, directed thrusts necessary to effectively disable an assailant. We have a number of tutorials as well as a selection of pens for you. This includes our Free Tactical Pen Offer.

Where did Tactical Pens Come From?

Tactical pens were originally created as a variant of the Kubotan, a martial arts weapon made up of a short stick (originally composed of wood, but now also of metal) up to 6 inches long. The Kubotan was invented by Takayuki Kubota, the accomplished martial artist born and raised in Japan, who became a United States citizen in 1974. It was introduced to female police officers of the Los Angeles police force in the mid 1960s.

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Tactical Pens Self Defense Use

To effectively use a tactical pen, targeting of specific, vulnerable areas of the body is necessary. These include exposed fleshy areas, vital organs, joints and a number of bony areas vulnerable to the high impact, small surface area strikes involved. So examples of targets would be the neck, kidneys, liver, groin and eyes.

To deliver strikes with force, the tactical pen is usually held with an icepick grip, with its point protruding out of the clenched fist. Strikes are short, direct and efficient stabbing motions. Because of the small surface area of the impact point, great amounts of force are delivered.

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Tactical Pen for Self Defense
Is a Tactical Pen for Self Defense Practical?

This is a Significant question to consider. Tactical Pens for self defense raise questions about practicality and effectiveness in real-world situations. This is particularly so when one considers their usefulness, for example, for female users or people of smaller build. We provide a number of demonstrative videos (as well as resources for training and study) specifically geared towards female users on our relevant page: Tactical Pens for Women! .

Are Tactical Pens Legal?

Tactical pens do not carry an official classification as weapons nationwide, so this question does not have a short, definitive “Yes” or “No” answer. The answer is: “It depends”.

Because this is an important and much discussed topic, we have much more on our dedicated article: Are Tactical Pens Legal?

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Free Tactical Pen for Self Defense

Tactical Pen Video Tutorial

Here is an introductory Tactical Pen self defense video guide from Hard2Hurt, a company dedicated to fitness and self defense, with in-depth reviews and practical guides on nutrition, training, survival and much more. These are honest reviews that give you a clear look at the practicality of using a strike pen as well as an excellent starting tutorial on basic techniques. The particular pen used in this tutorial is the CKRT Williams Tactical Pen. If you would like to buy it after viewing the video, it is available from Amazon at this link for under $40.

Best Tactical Pens

We feature below three of the most highly rated and recommended weaponized pens on the market.

Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen

Best Tactical Pen

The Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen is sturdily crafted and rugged, with a machined steel body and a stainless steel pocket clip. It comes with an integrated glass breaker, a useful tool -in an emergency- for escaping out of a locked vehicle or other confined area with glass windows or exits.

Smith & Wesson Stylus Tactical Pen Silver SWPEN3S

Best Tactical Pen 2019

A 3 in 1 tactical pen: Comprised of a computer screen stylus; a standard pen and a self defense strike pen.

Perfect for anyone who uses a touch screen device such as the Droid™ smart phones, Apple iPad™ or Kindle™ eReaders.

Length: 5.4 inches
Weight: 0.12 lbs
Ink Color: black
Shaft Construction: T6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum
Uses the Schmidt P900M Parker Style Black Ball Point Pen Refill
Pen Dimensions (L x W x H) 5.40 x 1.00 x 0.90. All figures are in inches

Wuben Tactical Pen

Best Strikepen 3

Window Breaker: The tactical pen head is composed of super hard tungsten steel.

Rechargeable LED Flashlight: Has a built-in USB recharging port. No extra batteries required. There are 2 lighting modes, with a maximum output of up to 130 lumens.

Writing Pen: The writing head comes with one German refill for smooth writing. It’s also very convenient to carry with a pocket clip.

5 Year Warranty: comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 5 Years and 24×7 hours customer service.

Multi-functional and Tough: This multi-functional pen is made of hard anodized aircraft grade aluminium alloy. It is IP68 waterproof, great for outdoors and an excellent EDC pen.

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