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The strike pen is a particularly apt tool for women because it is so easy to conceal and offers an immediate physical advantage over a would be assailant. However, because of limited strength that a female might possess, it is particularly advisable to obtain training, whether formal or informal, so that one undertakes a period of practice to have the skills and techniques required to use a tactical pen become second nature.

The striking motions used with a tactical pen are designed to efficiently generate directed bursts of power for maximum impact. The Gosuku style of karate, developed by the noted martial arts master Takayuki Kubota, the inventor of the Kubotan, which is the direct ancestor of the tactical/strike pen, incorporates Shotokan Karate together with aspects of Judo and Jiu Jitsu designed for effectiveness in close combat situations.

Indeed, Takayuki Kubota invented the Kubotan as an enforcement tool for female police officers of the Los Angeles Police Department in the 1970’s. He taught self defense there for several years.

So can a woman routinely generate enough force with a blow to disable an assailant reliably? Given the emphasis on particularly vulnerable target areas when using a tactical pen, and the emphasis on direct, focused strikes, the answer is yes! Below, are a number of videos dealing with instruction for women in using a strike pen or its antecedent, the Kubotan:


A Demonstration of the Power of the Impact of  a StrikePen:


Noted Singaporean  female martial arts instructor Qin Yunquan discusses the effectiveness of the Tactical Pen:

Ontario Top Team has an excellent video demonstrating the use of the Kubotan for women. The particular Kubotan used in this video is however shaped precisely as a Tactical Pen, so the holds and movements demonstrated are directly applicable:

Cummings Martial Arts Demonstrates Kubotan techniques for women:



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