The best tactical pens (also called Strikepens) come with a number of additional utilities which add to their value as EDC (Everyday Carry) weapons. Of these, a Flashlight and a Glassbreaker are the most common. Indeed, these are now so standard that it it makes no sense to obtain a strikepen without them. A tactical pen with light refers to a product with an LED bulb in the rear of the item.

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Free Tactical Pen with Light

We offer a free tactical pen online. This is the popular online offer from APB Tactical. This popular giveaway features a tactical pen with light. It includes the required alkaline batteries. All you need to pay is the nominal shipping and handling fee and the item is promptly shipped to you as part of an ongoing awareness promotion by the supplier.

Tactical Pen with Light

If you are looking to shop around and don’t mind paying the full retail price for a Strikepen, there is a wide selection of choices available online via the two largest national American online retailers, Amazon and Walmart. Here are links to full selections:

Both of these online retailers offer fast, free two-day shipping. Walmart has introduced this as standard for orders over a certain price. Therefore, for cheaper pens, you may have to pay an additional shipping fee. Amazon offers free one-day and two-day shipping for customers who have membership in Amazon Prime. When determining the exact date of your delivery, bear in mind that your order must be made by a certain time of the day in order for the expedited shipping to count from that particular day.

Both of the links above take you to areas at these retailers which will allow you to get page results sorted based on brand, price, shipping options, review ratings, popularity and other criteria. Here, you can search using the search term: “tactical pen with light”. Be sure to read the product reviews, particularly those by verified purchasers. This will give you a clearer view of key characteristics of a strikepen, such as durability. Additionally, it’s a good idea to investigate the added features the pen comes with. Does it have a glass breaker? What is the shaft constructed of? Does it come with an included pouch or a box?

For more detailed information, we also have a dedicated page with reviews to help you find an ideal selection from newer models available. See our selection of the best Tactical Pens for 2019.

Also see our dedicated page for those seeking a Tactical Pen with Glass Breaker.
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