A fully functional and useful tactical pen should come with a number of additional tools which add to its value as an EDC (Everyday Carry) weapon. A Tactical Pen with Glass Breaker and Flashlight is quite most common now. Also highly useful is an incorporated knife, although this is much less common. A Glass breaker is now so standard that there is really no point in obtaining a strikepen without one. 

Why a Glass Breaker?

If one is ever trapped n an enclosed space such as an overturned, locked vehicle, an edc tool such as a strikepen is a way to get out. A tactical pen with glass breaker allows you to make powerful, pointed strikes with highly localized force and therefore great impact. The glass breaker is usually composed of a metal such as tungsten). Repeated strikes can be made without damaging the shaft of the weapon.

Top Reviewed Tactical Pen With Glass Breaker Offers

Takeflight Tactical Pen

TakeFlight Tactical Pen with glass breaker

Aircraft Grade Machined Aluminum

Carried every day by Navy SEALS, SWAT, & Military Pilots, TakeFlight Tactical Pens are relied upon by the pros.

The same grade of aluminum used in aircraft is CNC machined for maximum strength to weight ratio. In a crisis window breaking rescue, fending off an assault, or just wanting a pen that will last forever, strength is a vital priority.

Ballpoint Pen
Glass Breaker Tip
Diamond Texture Grip
2 x Extra Refillable Ink Cartridges

Veteran Owned Business
Cool Gadgets for Men

This pen comes in its own gift box.

Atomic Bear Tactical Pen

Atomic Bear Tactical Pen with glass breaker

The SWAT Pen by the Atomic Bear exhibits a simple and solid construction, great feeling in your hand, anti slip and a great writing utensil.
Has a remarkable grip that can deliver a devastating strike.
The cap is solid and tight with an audible click on both ends when switching between pen and glass breaker/weapon functions.

Extras Included:
Comes with a practical heavy duty nylon belt sheath for your EDC comfort.
Includes a proprietary Atomic Bear tac pen self-defense online class.
Lifetime warranty.
Spare black ink cartridge.
Shipped in superior packaging.

A Pen That Can Take a Beating:
Plain and simple design.
Won’t be chewed up by your pittbull! Won’t break. Won’t rust.
Made of sturdy military grade aluminum machined to perfection.
Surprising comfort and agility in both writing and defense modes.

You can obtain a number of other excellent models at discounted prices from two of the largest etailers, Amazon and Walmart. Here are links to full selections of Kubotan Pen with glass breaker offers at these online giants:

Both of these online retailers offer fast, free two-day shipping. Walmart offers this as standard for orders over a certain minimum total price. Therefore, for cheaper pens, you may have to pay an additional shipping fee or add other items to your order. Amazon offers free one-day and two-day shipping for customers who are Amazon Prime members. 

For more detailed information, we also have a dedicated page which details what a tactical pen is, how it is used and how to order a free Strikepen. See our main page:  Tactical Pen.
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