Tactical Pen TSA Rules

It is NOT legal to take a weaponized pen with you onto an airplane! That much is clear from formal tactical pen TSA rules. This has to be stated with the utmost clarity. A Strikepen is defined differently in various jurisdictions, in terms of whether it is a weapon. The different definitions may be from country to country as well as from state to state in the US. For this reason, a lot of discretion is given to local law enforcement and also security personnel at airports to restrict or to bar the carrying of these items.

Tactical Pen TSA Rules


If one intends to travel on an airplane with a Tactical Pen, the question is why? What benefit is there to carrying a strikepen on a plane and exactly what are the chances that you will actually need it for self defense on a flight? It is legal to pack your pen with your checked luggage and this is the proper option. Although many tactical pens look relatively innocuous and may not be identified by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) personnel, it is an item on their radar and they will seize your pen if they identify it on your person or in your carry-on bags.

Clarity About Tactical Pen TSA Rules

The TSA online gives clear information on its duty to seize items that can be defined as concealed weapons. Read more here on TSA seizure of Tactical Pens!

The TSA does not bar the possession of standard pens. However, because a strikepen has the potential to be used as a weapon, it’s definition changes. It is indeed a pen, but it is more than this, since it may also have a glass breaker, LED flashlight, reinforced shaft etc. So the context in which it s found becomes important. If you are carrying your strikepen onto a plane, it implies that you expect to use it in its full capacity at some point in your flight. This forces the hand of TSA personnel. It is not worth the risk and we advice against attempting to get by screeners with your pen.

The danger is that -in certain jurisdictions, particularly internationally- your pen may not simply be confiscated, but (depending on local laws and definitions for tactical pens) you could be subject to arrest. It is important to research the relevant ordinances of places where you intend to travel in order to be certain if you are allowed to carry a tactical pen.

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