We are the information center for the Kubotan Pen: what it is, its origin, how to use it, how practical it is and more. Also called a Tactical Pen, it is one of the most popular emergency and disaster preparedness Everyday Carry (EDC) tools on the market.

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What is a Kubotan Pen?

The tactical pen has its origins in the Kubotan, a martial arts weapon made up of of a short stick, up to 6 inches long. This weapon was the creation of Takayuki Kubota, an accomplished Japanese America martial artist and founder of the International Karate Association (IKA), which has more than 100,000 members in 60 countries. It was introduced to female police officers of the Los Angeles police force in the mid 1960’s.

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Use of a strike pen as a weapon centers on the targeting of specific, vulnerable areas of the body. These include joints, exposed fleshy areas (such as the neck), vital organs (kidneys, liver, groin, eyes) as well as bony areas particularly susceptible to the high impact thrusts used with this item.

To deliver strikes with force, the tactical pen is usually held with an icepick grip, with its point protruding out of the clenched fist. Strikes are short, direct and efficient stabbing motions. Because of the small surface area of the impact point, great amounts of force are delivered.

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An effective Kubotan Pen must be ergonomically designed. The instrument must be comfortable to use when signing an important document as it is when physically defending yourself in a threatening situation.

The weapon must also be strong enough to demolish the glass in a vehicle if it is submerged or in a wrecked situation with doors trapped shut. In such instances, the strikepen must be comfortable enough to hold in your fingers for hours if needed as you smash through glass with a glass breaker, a component that must be included with any such pen you purchase.

A prepared individual is ready for any situation. Being prepared is not merely about having particular tools. It is also about being adequately trained to use them. We have video tutorials onsite on how to use a tactical pen. developing the requisite skill is vital for effective use of this particular tool.

ABP Tactical is a tactical equipment company based in the US. They offer a number of survivalist items from tactical pens to tactical shovels. They distribute a line of tactical gear that would not normally be available to the general public. They manufacture the Free Kubaton Pen on offer here.

Kubotan Pen Construction Materials

A Kubaton Pen must be constructed for ease of use, and practicality. Composed of aluminium, steel or titanium, it looks and functions as a regular writing instrument. This also makes it easy to conceal, if necessary. Because it can be carried in a pocket or bag, it can also be quickly accessed in a threatening situation. A strikepen is -in sum- a metal reinforced pen used for self defense. Effective use requires direct, targeted strikes. Aircraft grade aluminium is a common material for the design of a kubotan pen. With this, a light but powerful shaft can be constructed. Look for other integrated utilities when purchasing : a glass breaker, DNA sample collector and LED Flashlight, for example. The best self defense pens must be designed for maximum grip and are thus grooved or furrowed.

Tactical Pen

Is a Kubaton Pen Practical?

This is a significant question. We do have a number of illustrative videos onsite and there are also resources for training and study. The formal techniques for using these weapons are designed to target certain particular parts of an opponent’s body in close contact, with quick, efficient strokes. These are necessary to deliver high impact strikes in order to disable an attacker immediately.

FTC Compliance Notice: We have advertiser and affiliate relationships with companies mentioned on these pages. We may earn money from the companies mentioned here.

Below is a video review by Survival on Purpose. It looks at the practicality of the Kubaton Pen in general. It is honest and practical.

The specific pen used in the review is the Schrade SCPENBK. This is a 5.7 inch Black Aluminum pen. Click the image below to order it from Amazon:

Schrade Strike Pen
Schrade SWPEN3S tactical Pen

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Is a Kubotan Pen Legal to Carry?

Tactical pens do not come with an official classification as weapons in the US at the federal level, however this may vary within a particular local jurisdiction. Note that you may be restricted from carrying them with you in certain instances, such as when boarding a plane.

Because this is an important and unclear subject of discussion, we have taken a deeper look into this issue in our article: Are Tactical Pens Legal?

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Tactical Pen Tutorial

Here is an introductory video guide to the use of a Kubaton Pen from Hard2Hurt.

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